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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Alchemist by Michael Scott

The Alchemist, by Michael Scott, is a story that has mixed elements of magic, alchemy, and sorcery. Meet Nicholas Flamel, a famous alchemist from the 1400's. He is married to Perenelle Flamel, a sorceress, who has the power to talk to ghosts. Now the Book of Abraham the Mage, has a prophecy that requires two twins with the auras of the sun and the moon. Since, Nicholas and Perenelle have the power of immortality, these two set off on a quest to find the two twins and train them to prepare to fight against the forces of evil. Now we come to the evil villain character. His name is Dr. John Dee, a magician. Dee was once Flamel's student in alchemy and he knows all of the tricks that others don't know. He has always wanted to take over the world of alchemy and magic(like any other villain I know) and the only way to do that is to confiscate the Book of Abraham the Mage from Flamel's grasp. In the twenty first century, meet Josh and Sophie, twins. When Josh witnesses a magical war event taking place in the book store, Flamel realizes that he and his sister are the twins of the prophecy. Follow Flamel on his magical adventure to getting the twins out of danger and into the world of magic and alchemy. Okay, so many of you may think that I and am talking about that boring old adult book The Alchemist. No, I would never read that boring book at all. So now I have enlightened you with a book that will suck you into a magical world of realms and alchemy. Please enjoy this tale, because I personally enjoyed it very much. It actually made me want to read during dinner and
other special occasions. Yeah, my parents put it in their room so I wouldn't read it during school or anything. Didn't quite work though. Well may this book be as much fun as a roller coaster to you as it was to me.

Buy it now!!!!

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