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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Mango Shaped Space

A Mango Shaped Space by Wendy Mass is about a girl who has synesthesia. Well what is synesthesia? Synesthesia is a disorder of the colors and senses so when ever you hear sounds, see letters, numbers, and words colors show up in your very eyes. This girl is named Mia. Well, Mia has never told any one about this disorder. EVER. She didn't even know why she had synesthesia. The only person, well animal actually, she can talk to about it is Mango. Mango is her cat, the one that she found right after grandpa's death. She saw him looking at her four feet away with those sad eyes that make you want to hold the cat and never let go of it. His fur is gray and has dark gray streaks. He has always had a lung issue where one of his ribs is pushing into his lung. Well, I guess you know what happened to the cat. Mia adopted him She named him Mango because of the mango colored streaks he has any time he moves, breaths anything. Well now Mia's parents are concerned about her grades so Mia tells her parents about her problem They laugh like it's a big joke. They stop. They stare. They cry. Soon enough, Mia's whole life changes once this secret comes out after so many years. Follow Mia on her way to an easier life as she goes through many rough times throughout the book. I got this book on my Mom's Kindle and I read it. Oh yeah, it was good. My gosh, what a rough life she has had and to finally tell her parents after so many years. If you choose to read this and you like it, please look in back of the book. It explains all about synesthesia and where you can learn more about it. Enjoy this compassionate tale of one girl's struggle through this time in her life.

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